Stop blushing - 15 easy tips for those who are often embarrassed and red in the face.

Do you recognize this feeling?

Below are a number of tips and advice that you can use to stop blushing. Read them and see what works for you.

1. Just let it happen

This is the best advice of all of them. Just learn not to worry if you happen to be embarrassed. It might be your way of saying “Now it’s enough!” The fear of being red in the face can be a big part of your life and stops your ability to develop as a person. In the worst case, people feel compassion for you and they do not judge you negatively. When you realize it, you become more relaxed and don’t care much about it.

The fear of becoming red in the face, erythrophobia, is a very big problem for many, which affect everyday life and quality of life. Therefore, this tip may sound scary and something you do not want to expose yourself to in the first place. But if you are brave and allow yourself to be embarrassed, you will worry less in the future. You send signals to the brain that you are out of danger, and you know that the body does not have to defend itself.

2. Workout!


When you exercise, you lower your blood pressure, which makes you more resident of being red in the face. The more you exercise, the more immune you become to redness, both in the short and in the long run. Even though the redness disappears after training and your face color returns to normal, the “protection” against blushing remains for some time. It is therefore a good idea to just have a walk before you become involved in a social situation where you become afraid of being embarrassed.

Overweight people blush more easily than others due to high blood pressure. So dieting can make a difference.

Here you can read more about high blood pressure

3. Don't make a big deal of it.

If someone sees you getting red in your face or your cheeks, it really is no big deal. In the long run, the worst thing you can do is try to escape the situation, even if you are ashamed. Imagine how you react when you see someone else embarrassed – you only get positive thoughts about that person. Others think of you in the same way when you blush. When that happens you should say with the biggest smile on your face:
“Oh, now it’s happening again for no reason”.

Never forget that blushing is very charming!

Chances are you don’t blush when you think you do and if someone notice it, then you are the only one who make a big deal of it.

4. Avoid caffeine and sugar

Coffee is not good for your blood pressure.

You should avoid or reduce the diet containing sugar and caffeine. They often lead to high blood pressure, which causes you to blush. Here are some foods you should avoid:

  • coffee
  • soft drinks
  • sweets
  • semifinished food
  • chocolate

You can eat more of this

  • wholemeal
  • blueberries
  • almond
  • dark chocolate
  • vegetables


5. Start using self tanner

Start to use self tanner. It can be a help in the short term. It will not take away your fear of blushing, but it will still make you less nervous. If you know that you are about to blush you will might feel a little more confident.

The advantage of using self tanner is that it is available in several different intensities. We don’t recommend using too dark shade. Choose a self tanner with less intensity instead to get a more natural look.

6. Try hypnosis to stop blushing

You can give hypnosis a chance. As blushing is not a physical problem, it’s possible to reprogram the way of thinking when you fell you’re going to blush.  With thousands of downloads and happy costumers maybe it could be something for you. And it’s not expensive! You’ll find it here: Blushing Hypnosis Download (ad).

7. Move the attention to others

If you feel that you are in an uncomfortable situation and that you’re about to blush, you can try moving your attention away from yourself and try to get others to talk:


“Hello everyone! Before I start I want to ask you all…”


8. Breath!


If you feel that you are getting embarrassed, then take slow, deep breaths. In addition to reducing redness, it prevents nervousness. Just take it easy. If you talk to a group of people, it doesn’t matter that it gets quiet for a while. In fact, when you have small silent breaks, it makes what you say more interesting.

9. Hold something in your hand

One thing that works for some people is to have something in your hand when you talk. Maybe a pen if you are speaking at a conference or a cup of coffee if you’re talking to your colleagues. Your subconscious mind can then move the focus from the situation to something else.

10. Have a good self-confidence


You should think about whether a bad self-confidence can be a reason for you to blush easily. If you are a shy and withdrawn person, the risk of feeling ashamed and nervous is bigger when you talk to people. Maybe there is something that happened to you earlier in life that made you unsure of yourself. A good self-confidence increases your chances of stopping being embarrassed. In addition, it makes you care less about things that you consider to be failure.

Work on your confidence! It will do you good, even in other situations than when you turn red in the face.

11. Medications can help you


There are drugs for things that can cause your fear of becoming red in the face, or the fact that you blush easily for no reason. Here are examples of possible reasons why you are easily embarrassed where medicine can help.

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Social anxiety
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • High blood pressure

12. Your appearance

  • Speak louder!
  • Have a big smile!
  • Practice your eye contact with people.

Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say good things about yourself. Brag about yourself with a smile and a deep voice. Bring this energy as you go out the door. This will probably decrease the risk of redness for the rest of the day if you take this energy with you when you meet people.

13. Avoid alcohol


Many people easily become red in the face when they drink alcohol. This applies both to people who have fear of blushing but also to people who do not. So there is no link between erythrophobia and blushing of alcohol.

However, blood pressure increases, even in the longer term, which means that you will blush stronger. Especially red wine increases this effect. Therefore, our advice to you is to drink less than you otherwise do.

14. Convince yourself that blushing is not dangerous

You may not care if you make a fool of yourself with someone you do not know. Try to make a fool of yourself yourself among strangers. At first, you may feel some discomfort but later feel more comfortable. You will notice that it is not so dangerous to be embarrassed.

15. Talk to someone you trust

For some, this may sound scary.
For others it would be no problem at all.

If you have a close friend, someone in the family or a colleague you feel comfortable with, tell that person how you feel about your redness. In fact, it can even be quite fun. For example, you can:

ask her/him to try to make you blush. After enough successful attempts, you will get tired of the nagging. Which sends a signal to your subconscious mind that you no longer care.

ask her/him to try to get you embarrassed on more unexpected occasions. Same thing here: in the end you no longer care.

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