Hypnosis can help you stop blushing


Hypnosis is basically something we all experience sometimes. You probably sometimes “forget” what you pass when you drive a car. When you think of something, just as when you’re about to blush, is a way of being in the state of trance.

You may be embarrassed when someone says something to you and you suddenly feel how you start to turn red in the face. You can’t focus on anything else than that you must not become red. In the same way you want to move yourself, via hypnosis, from alertness to the state where you are in the middle of alertness and sleep – being in the state of trance. There, you then put all your attention to changing your thought pattern that arises, just like when you’re about to turn red in the face. As with so much else, our subconscious mind makes us repeat what we have always done on given occasions to escape danger, as it previously worked.

Here you can download the blushing hypnosis.

Hypnos is also used to:

    • reduce pain.
    • reduce stress.
    • process trauma.
    • be more relaxed.

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