Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to stop blushing


CBT is a method that can help you become free from involuntary blushing. The word is an abbreviation for “cognitive behavioral therapy” and can be applied to people who have a fear of becoming red in their face.

By trying CBT-therapy you try to change learned patterns in behavior. Everything that happens in our lives, our brains converts as information, and how we react physically to that information forms the basis of future behaviors.

For exemple:

If you ever made a clumsy mistake and people noticed that, you may felt embarrassed for this. Your heart rate increased and the physical consequence was that you quickly felt warm in your face. You escaped when you discovered that you were getting red in the face. Therefore, you knew the next time you were about to blush that you could easily escape from there. With CBT-therapy you try to change that way of thinking.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used in addition to this, also to other related problems and diagnoses:


  • social anxiety disorder

  • depression

  • sleep disorder

  • fear of flying

  • acrophobia

    and more…

Here you can read more about CBT.

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